Friday, June 6, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Zohan

The best reason to see this film is to check Emmanuelle Chriqui out. I mean if Shakira makes a man want to speak Spanish- Emmanuelle make you want to speak Arabic for sure!

The Movie itself was funny, offered a tremendous wealth of laughable Jewish, and Palestinian stereotyping, to the point of completely out-spoofing any previous attempts.

Overall it is pretty wacky, and it will entertain you to a certain degree.

And underneath all the irony and humor the message is clear- Make Love Not War!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Foot Fist Way

This one is a winner.



If you have seen the preview and if you have seen other movies featuring Danny R. McBride then you can easily imagine the type of assininities that come out of this guys mouth.

This film starts with our hero, small-time Tae Kwon Do instructor Mr. Fred Simmons, pretty much being a complete arrogant ass to one and all that he comes across. Despite being such a jerk he has somehow managed to build up a nice little dojo with very cute, and endearing membership.

This movie's success creeps up on you....I did not really notice at which point in the movie it occurred, but at some point you see that Mr. Simmons (jerk that he is) is actually not such a bad guy underneath it all, and some of the other characters with whom he interacts are much bigger asses than he is, and at this point you are on his side...

Its very different, low budget "reality TV" style filming adds to its originality, and worked out very well.

I highly recommend it as a refreshing change from the blockbuster formula which can become tedious.

The Strangers

If there were an award for Creepiest Movie of the Year then this movie would win it hands down!!!!

That really sums up the review.

It was well made. It taps into those deep feelings of fear, despair, and surprise that horror movie watchers seek, but it just went over the top in the creepiness department.

Watch it and see.