Saturday, December 18, 2010


Tron Legacy...Highly anticipated, did it live up to expectations?

If I were to grade it on the visual experience alone....yes, it definitely is very very cool!

"The Grid" as it is called is replete with all of the very cool games that we were expecting- The LightCycles, and the Disc throwing games. All very cool to watch.

Now....grading its plot is a different story- You have to keep in mind that it is completely science fiction, gone in a direction that we are not used to.... Perhaps it is ahead of our times again (Tron was ahead of its time back when it was made).

So, I found that the plot was not the main thing that kept me was the continued visual experience.

In summary, go check it out and have fun. Rent Tron on DVD before you go see it so you can understand more about the characters.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


And yes...finally got a chance to watch this fantastic animation movie.

It is Walt Disney's 50th Animated Motion picture, so they had a lot to live up to.

I think it is a great story-

Very Entertaining, great humor-

I saw it at the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood, which included a live musical show which was quite nice actually.
The place was packed! Man and the audience (Mostly children) were cheering like crazy!

Very warm and touching!

The Warrior's Way


I lived in Japan for 13 years, so when an Anime is brought to life, with high quality computer graphics....well let's say I'm down to go check it out.

This movie personifies the calm cool ninja attitude, and the combination of that character placed along side an over the top group of cowboys and circus freaks (yes really) allows for a good entertaining story.

Believe it or not, it is so picturesque, that I was actually touched by its beauty.

True, I may be biased because of my love of Asia....But you go see what you think!

The Next Three Days

Good movie~!

The Next Three Days packed a really good punch!

Our favorite Gladiator Russel Crowe takes on an against all odds rescue mission.

He's actually attempting to break his wife out of prison. He feels she was innocent....can't prove it...what else is a guy supposed to do? Let his wife rot in jail and move on?

Let Russel show you how its done....

Overall a good movie.

127 Hours

Man! This one was gooooooood!!!!!

If I said in an earlier review that The Fighter was the best flick I've seen in a while, let me say that 127 Hours was 11 out of 10, whereas The Fighter struggled to be an 8!!

When I saw one of the previews for 127 Hours I thought nothing of it. The movie was not broadly promoted so I did not know anything other than what I saw in that one preview.

The name 127 Hours doesn't reveal much either.

This guy basically gets stuck on a solo rock climbing trip, and the challenge that follows is an un-freakin-believable combination of mental and physical stamina the likes of which are astounding.

The filming and editing style is so riveting that you are compelled to think, and wonder, and cry, and reflect!

It is AMAZING!!!!

Watch it! $1.99 Domains* at

The Tourist

This was a fun movie to see, if only to see Jonny Depp in a non-pirate roll.

The film was different.

It is more of a romance than an action spy if that is what you are expecting then....well you'll see what I mean.

I have to say that it lacked a little "umf", or intensity that one would have liked to see.

Overall a decent movie.

The Fighter

This was the best flick I've seen in a while.

It was truly funny as hell to watch Bale acting like a crackhead as he really pulled it off!

The true story aspect of it is very compelling, and one can see how human interaction can ruin talent, and one can see the victorious side of the same coin!

The positive effects of true love with a great supportive woman are also shown.

Wonderful film making!