Monday, July 26, 2010

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I know I'll catch a lot of flack for this review, possibly...but then again maybe not.

I enjoyed SALT much more than I enjoyed INCEPTION.

Why? Angelina Jolie's good looks? No, she's actually a little too skinny in this flick.

Several reasons:

Inception was visually stunning and cool, and all that, but it was not an entirely original concept- it has been preceded by "Dreamscape" way back in 1984 with Dennis Quaid, wherein several psychics, good ones and and bad ones, figured out how to go into other's dreams. Dennis Quaid is ultimately confronted with the task of attempting to foil a presidential assassination taking place within the president's dream! Good movie.

When writing Inception the writer was looking at making a "Matrix-esque" film, but he didn't even allow the Dreamers to have any super powers like Neo and Morpheus! Big mistake- They could have at least allowed Leo to pull some sweet karate moves and defy gravity a couple of times! But no, it had to be "different" than the Matrix so no one could say it was a copy- And of course he had to keep the plot "realistic"!!! A contradiction in itself since on the one hand a girl can cause the entire earth to fold over onto itself, but she can't do anything extra-ordinary with their own bodies...?

On the other hand in Salt, we saw Angelina performing some unreal stunts, that were pretty exciting to watch- And some VERY CLEVER Russian spy maneuvers.

SALT's pace was very fast, and the film was not too long- just 1 hour and 40 minutes. So you don't get a chance to be bored, (Inception was long, and I did get bored)

Salt has an excellent plot, playing on the old Russia Vs US cold war theme, that has for so long been forgotten or dormant in Hollywood, even reminding us that Nuclear War is a threat even today-

Another downside I must mention on Inception, is that it actually encourages Drug use. I can see some naive teenager watching it...thinking "Wow! Cool! I want to experiment with 'Compounds' (The word used instead of 'Drug' in Inception) and see what I can dream up". Note: The heroes in the film, take "Compounds" sleeping drugs, intravenously no less, to get them into the "shared dreams".

So all in all- I'd recommend Salt over Inception!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Knight & Day- Definitely a fun choice

Ok, So Knight & Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is a new twist thrown into the Spy Vs Spy genre.

It is a good movie for guys, because of the action, and a good chick flick because, a lot of the film centers around Cameron Diaz viewpoint and her becoming enamored with this international Spy.

It is clever, and the supporting actors are good-

According to Box Office Mojo it cost $117 million to make, and has made back $104 million.

According to IMDB it is now just about to open in several high box office countries including: Sweden, Australia, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, France, Italy and Japan.

In other words, it looks like it will most definitely turn a profit-
Perhaps 20 or 30 million.... Not too shabby.

They have some new posters for the international release also check them out by clicking here!

Anyway- I'm sure you can enjoy this one!