Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past- Chick Flick of the Year!!!

This was a great chick flick!

It really has a lot of heart! Mathew McConaughey plays the "too cool for one chick" promiscuous playboy- Will he be able to stick to his ways throughout the movie?

Enter Michael Douglas who plays the LMAO master womanizer come back from the grave to give his nephew- a final word of advice-

They basically took The Scrooge theme and re-scripted over into a romantic comedy that works really really well!

This film earns the new title: Chick Flick of the Year!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Surrogates ? -Lame

Kinda sorry to say that Surrogates was sort of lame.
And I hate to do this to Bruce Willis, but it was definitely missing something.

Let me try to explain:

1) The "Surrogates" are machines that humans operate from the comfort of their own homes, by plugging in with some high tech sunglasses and a lounge-chair. They then don't really live their lives any more as the entire society lives via these Surrogates. Of course part of the human race has resisted this way of life and want to overthrow the system- simple enough setting for some intrigue. Granted- the idea is kind of cool, but it is just a different version of The Matrix- same difference- except instead of plugging into a complete new virtual world completely involuntarily, the humans have been suckered into this way of life and are now trapped by it. So as a trap it is not menacing enough- because The Matrix already way out did the magnitude of the trap that is being depicted in this film. Sorry Surrogates, you had lost even before you got started- Not your fault Bruce!

2) The "Surrogates" have powerful robotic capabilities, and can jump around like super-heros, or Terminators. And that is my next point- because the Surrogates are portrayed as being a bad thing from the beginning, the guides you into not liking or wanting to be or use a Surrogate, so when you see Bruce Willis performing humanly impossible feats in his Surrogate self, you're like- whatever. And again the performances have been way out done by the Terminator series, so even the short action clips provided in Surrogates showing cool CGI Robot chase scenes are also behind the 8-ball.

Once again, Bruce Willis, it was not your fault- but Surrogates was not my best choice.