Saturday, December 18, 2010


Tron Legacy...Highly anticipated, did it live up to expectations?

If I were to grade it on the visual experience alone....yes, it definitely is very very cool!

"The Grid" as it is called is replete with all of the very cool games that we were expecting- The LightCycles, and the Disc throwing games. All very cool to watch.

Now....grading its plot is a different story- You have to keep in mind that it is completely science fiction, gone in a direction that we are not used to.... Perhaps it is ahead of our times again (Tron was ahead of its time back when it was made).

So, I found that the plot was not the main thing that kept me was the continued visual experience.

In summary, go check it out and have fun. Rent Tron on DVD before you go see it so you can understand more about the characters.

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