Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

This movie was not really all that much to fuss about. I rarely am critical of movies, as I respect the fact that such a large crew of people put so much time and creative skills into them. However, every now and then one simply feels he must let other's know what you think....right? Snow White and The Huntsman, was boring, had no real depth, and was predictable. Kirsten Stewart is very cute and all, but once she is wielding a sword, and giving a brave-heart-like motivational speech...she kind of turns a little ridiculous. Chris Hemsworth is a good Huntsman but his character has no real appeal. All in all, I'd say, best re-watch Twilight if you want to see Kirsten at her best, and re-watch Thor, if you want to see Chris at his best. Thanks for reading! Go Daddy Deal of the Week: Get a .ME Domain for $6.99! Offer Expires 6/19/12

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